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America's #1 Rated
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  • “Team Nutrition Plan is an integral part of the nutritional education program we provide our Football Team. Ease of access by players and information availability upon demand are two outstanding features our kids find extremely helpful. The program is jam-packed with all of the information a player could need to learn about the benefits of proper nutritional practices.”

    John Talley

    Strength Coach

  • “Following the program has made me eat more food. I am able to make better food choices as well as have a greater variety from which to choose. I feel much better before practice and after workouts. I am never starving after our practices. I have learned a great deal about nutrition and the proper way to eat as an athlete.”

    Ty Monica


  • “The Eat 2 Win Team Nutrition Plan gives players, parents and coaches a wealth of world class knowledge to help aid athletes in their preparation, maintenance and recovery processes for their sport. Its interactive platform keeps athletes engaged whilst learning and has been a great way for players to keep on track with their diets by being able to record what and when they have eaten among many other things. 

    Keir Hannity

    Head Coach, TDP Elite

  • “The Eat to Win app has been great for me to keep track of what I’m fueling my body with for soccer. I feel like when I see what I’m eating it helps me see what I’m lacking. I’m very busy with school and soccer but the app makes it easy to keep track. I definitely see a difference in my eating habits by using this app. ”

    Ace Davis

    Soccer Athlete

  • “Eat 2 Win nutrion program has been a great experience for our players. It's a great way to get them to think about healthy habits that can make them feel more confident and bring better results out of them.”

    Esad E Morina

    Director, HEAT FC

  • “The Eat 2 Win App and the Team Nutrition Plan helps me keep track of what I eat and when. It also helps me make healthy choices and healthy meals with all of the recipes that are provided. I feel much better in the mornings, I have more energy and feel great at practice.”

    Claude Remondet

    High School Athlete, Louisiana

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Can we join the TEAM NUTRITION PLAN Program at anytime?

Yes, join at anytime. Your athletes will follow the program through for each seasonal (Spring, Summer and Fall) period. There is no beginning and end, we just keep progressing and improving. It takes time, consistency and focus to develop a food first culture on your team.

Who will be my assigned Sports Dietitian?

We have an incredible team of highly qualified and trained Sports Dietitians on our team.  We feel very confident that your designated Sports Dietitian will do a great job servicing your athletes. The athletes or parents added to your organization will be able to ask a question to your designated Sports Dietitian from within the Eat 2 Win app.

What level of access will I have with my assigned Sports Dietitian?

The users added to your organization including yourself can ask a Sports Dietitian a question within the app. In addition they can easily upgrade to additional 1:1 services from within the Eat 2 Win App. When your programs is ready you can also upgrade and obtain additional Sports Dietitian services (Sports Dietitian Plus Program) that will accelerate your overall sports nutrition program. 

What kind of results can I expect? Will I have help in implementing the TEAM NUTRITION PLAN program?

Just like anything else you get out what you put into it. However, we have done all of the heavy lifting for you. We have provided all of the resources and support systems to implement a year round sports nutrition program with your athletes. It is a team effort and we want to be part of your team!

How are minors added to the TEAM NUTRITION PLAN program?

Parents purchase online ($99 annual or $15 monthly) and create their Eat 2 Win app account (for free) and then invite their child to create their account. Once both the parent and child create their accounts their profiles are connected. No communication can take place without the parent being in the communication thread.