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Sports Nutrition Content

  • Sprains, Strains and Mysterious Growing Pains
  • Nutrition for the Injured Athlete
  • Sports Nutrition for the Injured Athlete
  • Inflammation: Friend or Foe in Sports Performance?
  • Versatility of Omega 3
  • Versatility of Omega 3 for Athletes
  • Fueling the Injured Athlete

    BUNDLE for $69

  • Fluid and Electrolyte Replacement for Athletic Performance
  • Heat Mitigation Strategies: Hydration and Sweat Electrolyte Concentration
  • Optimizing Hydration for Performance and Health in High School Athletics
    BUNDLE for $29
  • Mindset and Fueling
  • Mental Health State and Pressures on Student Athletes
  • Athletes, Anxiety, and Emotional Regulation
    BUNDLE for $29

  • Metabolic Efficiency Training for Athletes
  • Nutrigenomics in Exercise & Sport
  • Evaluating Biomarkers for Health and Performance
  • Protein Metabolism and Recommendations for Athletes
  • Assessing Methods For Diet Quality and Nutritional Biomarkers for Concern in the Military
    BUNDLE for $49

  • Use of Omega 3 for Brain Health and Concussion
  • Nutritional Armor: Focus on Long-chain Omega-3 Supplementation
  • The Athlete's Gut - Overcoming Stomach Distress
  • Probiotics and Athletes: What the Practitioner Should Know
  • Effects of The Gut Microbiome on Performance
  • Collagen and Athletic Performance: The Role of Nutrition in Tendon Health and Performance
  • Nutrient and Exercise Recommendations to Maximize Body Composition and Metabolism
  • Nutrition Strategies to Maximize Mitochondrial Function for Health and Performance
  • Nitric Oxide from Inorganic Nitrate and Its Effect on Health and Physical Performance
  • Salt, Soil, and Fatigue
  • Versatility of Creatine on Health and Performance
  • Produce for Performance
    BUNDLE for $119
  • Dietary and Nutritional Supplementation to Enhance the Effects of Resistance Training
  • Dietary Supplement Adulteration and 3rd Party Certification Testing
  • Evidence Based Supplements in Sports Nutrition
  • Performance Enhancing Substances and Dietary Supplement Safety
  • Sports Supplements for Young Athletes: Is Creatine Safe?
  • The Potential Applications for Cannabidiol (CBD) in Sport and Exercise
  • Vitamin D and Human Performance
  • Vitamin D and Athletic Performance
  • Caffeine and Athletic Performance
  • Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on Performance
  • HMB: What does the evidence say on Athletic Performance?
  • Supplement Fundamentals for Athletes
  • Pre-Workout Supplements: Good, Bad and Ugly
    BUNDLE for $129
  • Foods vs Supplements
  • Ketogenic Diets
  • Ketogenic Diets: Claims Versus Evidence
  • Plant-based Diets and Athletic Performance
  • Fueling Athletes on Popular Diets
    BUNDLE for $49

  • Becoming Confident and Competent in Sports Nutrition
  • Functional Sports Nutrition 101 
    BUNDLE for $19

  • Nutritional Needs for the Female Athlete
  • Gender-Specific Fueling for the Female Athlete
  • Sports Nutrition Principles for Gymnasts
  • Food Insecurity Among Collegiate Athletes
  • Nutrition Periodization for Athletes 
  • Making Weight by the Best Means Necessary
  • Making Weight & Performing Great for Wrestlers
  • Pre-Season Fueling for Wrestlers
  • Performance Nutrition for Cheerleaders
  • Human Performance Optimization for the Tactical Athlete from a Nutrition Perspective
    BUNDLE for $99

  • Why Athletes Can't Gain Weight and How to Fix It
  • Meal Planning for Athletes: How to Overcome the Monotony and Scale Your Efforts
  • Weight & Athletic Performance
  • Why Athletes Struggle to Gain Weight?
  • Low Calorie Sweeteners' Impact on Weight and Hunger
    BUNDLE for $49
  • Strategies for Sustaining Energy Balance
  • Protein Recommendations for Endurance Athletes
  • Sugar is Your Friend: Carbohydrate Needs for Athletes and Active Individuals
  • Rethinking Conditioning: The Aerobic Advantage
  • Game Speed
  • The "C" is for Conditioning
    BUNDLE for $59

  • Eating Disorders in Male Athletes
  • Food Sensitivities: Impact and Practical Applications for the Athlete
  • Impact of Alcohol on Performance
  • Muscle Cramping: Myths and Misconceptions
  • Post Concussion Therapy to Facilitate Return to Play
  • Management of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) During NFL Monday Night Football
    BUNDLE for $59

  • Your Medications, Your Performance: How Medications May Impact Athletic Performance
  • Performance Nutrition Innovation and Analytics in College Athletics
  • The Esports Industry and its Global Future: Role of Sports Nutrition
  • Role of an Olympic Sports Dietitian
  • Practical Applications for Implementing a High School Sports Nutrition Program
  • Communicating Performance Nutrition In A Digital World
  • From Science to Simple: Making Nutrition Science Accessible and Practical
    BUNDLE for $59

  • Building a Strength and Conditioning Program for High School Football
  • A Pragmatic Approach to Individualized Physical Development in High School Athletes
  • Off-Season Training for High School Sports
  • How to Build a High School Performance Program
  • Velocity Based Training for High School Athletes
  • The Holistic and Teaching of Olympic Weightlifting for High School Sports
  • Why High School Athletes Struggle to Gain Weight
  • Normalizing Changing Bodies and Nutrition needs for High School Student Athletes
  • How to Evaluate your High School Program to Improve the Health and Well Being of your Student Athletes
  • Moving from Coverage to Care in High School Athletics
  • How to Improve the Eating Habits of High School Athletes
  • Educating The Next Generation of Athletes
  • Preventing Liability in Athletic Training: Closing the Gaps for Safe School Sports
  • Establishing Your Coaching Identity
  • Everything Old is New Again
    BUNDLE for $149

  • Exercise Induced Muscle Damage
  • Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on Performance
  • Metabolic Control and the Impact of Body Composition, Nutrition, and Lifestyle
  • Training Nutrition and Hydration Strategies for Endurance Athletes
  • Athletic Neuroscience: Reactive Agility in Sport
    BUNDLE for $49

  • Body Composition Testing and Metabolism: Assessment of Athletes
  • Broken: The Dangers of Underfueling
  • Adapting Nutritional Strategies for Wrestlers
  • Body Comp Basics
    BUNDLE for $39

  • Managing the Grind for Championship Performance
  • Optimizing Protein Intake for Athletes
  • High Protein Diet in Athletes
  • Dangers of Energy Drinks for Athletes
    BUNDLE for $39


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The courses and content have been an invaluable resource for the athletes I care for, the students I teach, and myself personally. I'm consistently impressed by the detail in each course, making it my primary source for staying updated on sports nutrition. The quality is unmatched, and as an athletic trainer, I've found a lot of clinical value in what I have learned thus far. These courses go beyond expectations, providing essential practical and scientific insights for anyone serious about, or even newly interested in, sports nutrition.
I'm genuinely impressed with the plethora of resources offered by this site. The benefit of having access to sports nutrition-related continuing education units (CEUs), complete with the latest research and practice guidelines in one convenient location, is immensely advantageous.
The presenters are always highly credentialed and well researched. They present quality research to support their positions and always give application for different populations! I look forward to future courses and presentations.
MS, LAT, AT, CSCS, Certified Sports Nutritionist ( CISSN)
The depth of knowledge and education in these courses are worth their weight in gold. I have yet to come across a topic in my practice that I cannot refer to one of the courses for. This is a great resource and I highly recommend it to all sports professionals.
This site is my ultimate resource for all things sports nutrition. Its courses provide the latest developments, practical insights, and real-world applications, keeping me at the forefront of the field. Truly an invaluable resource for fellow dietitians dedicated to professional excellence. I highly recommend.
M.S, R.D
My Sports Dietitian has become my go-to for current sports nutrition research and practices. The quality and depth of expertise presented in the courses have exceeded my expectations. I've been able to apply the knowledge to positively impact their nutrition and athletic performance.
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$299 first year, $99 recurring annually


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$299 first year, $99 recurring


Invest in Your Future | Transform Your Career