Dangers of Energy Drinks for Athletes

Next Level Podcast with Host Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LD

Tavis Piattoly- Podcast

Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN
Host and Presenter
Sports Dietitian 
Co-founder of My Sports Dietitian

Energy drink sales have exploded since Red Bull first came to market in 1999. Sales for energy drinks reached $12.5 million in 2012, and continue to rapidly increase. But, how safe are these popular energy drinks? In this podcast, Tavis Piattoly covers the dangers of popular energy drinks such as Bang, Celcius, Monster, and 5 hour energy, red flags to look out for, and why caffeine paired with intense training may not be a beneficial combination.

In addition to continuous growth, we continue to see drinks not only containing caffeine but multiple stimulants that may pose a risk for young athletes, especially when combined with intense training.

Do Energy Drinks pose a risk for young athletes?

In This Episode You will Learn:

1)      What is classified as an Energy Drink?
2)      What are the Health Benefits of Caffeine?
3)      Overview of the Energy Drink Market?
4)      What are the Adverse Effects of Consuming Energy Drinks?
5)      What is the Biggest Concern with the Combination of Ingredients?
6)      What is the Concern for Young Athletes?
7)      The Level of Caffeine in Energy Drinks vs. Coffee Products

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