Meet Shawn Pitcher

Sports Dietitian
Shawn Pitcher, MS, RD, LD, ISAK-1, USAW, CLT, CPPS, Pn1, FMS, Certificate of culinary arts certification (Rouxe Culinary school)

“Trust, respect, passion, and integrity. These core values are what I can offer you on our journey to optimize your performance. My goal is to provide you the tools, knowledge, and confidence to use what you will learn and apply it to provide an edge over your competition. ”

Shawn Pitcher

Shawn Pitcher is originally from upstate New York. He played football collegiately at a division three school called Buffalo State University as a defensive tackle. Shawn holds a bachelors in dietetics and nutrition, a master’s in human performance and has completed one year of doctoral work in sports nutrition. He has worked at every level of athletics including, high school, division 1,2,3, NFL combine, private facilities and pre-Olympic athletes. Shawn’s philosophy starts with behavior change, establishing new routines and science back research. It is important that we put effort into understanding who the athlete is and their background to truly be able to implement the best plan of action to fit their specific need.

Shawn had two mentors that played a key role in his path towards discovering the field of sports nutrition. First it began with his high school teacher. This individual taught cooking class, home economics and nutrition, which are all almost non-existent in schools today, but play a critical role in developing key skills. She was able to set the groundwork for him and provide the guidance that nutrition could be a possible career. His second mentor came at Buffalo State. His professor exposed him to the field of sports nutrition when it was in its infancy. These two drivers allowed him to see the opportunities in the field and take advantage of multiple internships, and graduate assistant position that provide him hands on experience with athletes, coaches, and athletic performance staff

Shawn is passionate and dedicated in helping athletes reach their highest level. He encourages you to provide him the opportunity to gain your trust, prove his worth and allow him to make a difference not only in your athletes nutrition, but helping them become great young men and women in society.

“Fuel Great, Be Great”

Professional experience: 

  • IMG Academy Nutrition Coach, works with football, boys soccer and boys lacrosse
  • Ole Miss Fueling Station Manager, worked with men’s basketball, women’s basketball, softball, men’s tennis, girls tennis
  • University of Missouri Nutrition Intern, worked with football
  • Pittsburg State University Graduate Assistant, Strength and Conditioning + Sports Dietitian, worked with football, track and field (girls national champions), and baseball
  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Sports Performance Specialist, worked with three High Schools and 1:1 return to play athletes within our sports medicine department


What others are saying about Shawn....

  • Sports Dietitian

    “Working with Shawn as a Sports Performance Specialist and now as a Doctor of Chiropractic student has helped me personally grow with my profession for not only my own performance, but also my clients/athletes. Every time I need a reality check in making sure I am doing right by myself or the people I am working with I reach out to Shawn. I always have Shawn on speed dial working with him on aiding recovery from old injuries and breaking down the basics from hydration, portion control, and overall timing of needing when to eat proper foods. Shawn's personality works extremely well with many age groups because he truly knows how to connect and explain things at a very basic level, but also a professional level to where he can go from speaking to a high school athlete, to a professional athlete, and to a pear and say the same thing differently to have it connect well with that said individual. ”

    Future Doctor of Chiropractic / Sports Performance Specialist

  • Sports Dietitian

    “As a college professor and department chair, I have followed Shawn through his trajectory of education, professional development, and career growth. Shawn has an incredible work ethic which has brought him to become my valued expert on sports nutrition. I have consulted with Shawn, many times, on advances in sports nutrition and what new information is important for me to teach dietetic students. I have shared resources that Shawn either creates, is authored in, or has come across in his professional career. Shawn essentially teaches the next set of Registered Dietitians through me. He is a resource
    from professionals, students, and athletes.”

    Professor, Dept. Chair of Health, Nutrition & Dietetics Buffalo State College, SUNY

  • Sports Dietitian

    “Ever since I could remember, I have always struggled with nutrition. Even though I was highly active in school playing multiple sports at once, I was afraid that by eating “too much food” would aid in gaining unwanted weight. Entering my second year at Pittsburg State University as a Heptathlete and 400 meter hurdler, I went from the end of my freshmen season weighing 148 pounds to weighing 138 pounds at the beginning of my sophomore year. During that season, I had suffered from two quad strains and a hamstring strain due to insufficient hydration and poor nutrition. At the time, Mr. Shawn Pitcher was our nutritionist, and he noticed injury after injury and high fatigue levels at the end of my weight room sessions. He confronted me about the issue and we were able to agree on what foods to eat that suited my ability to perform at a high level, but still helped me feel good about my body.

    He educated me on the importance of different carbohydrates and fats; when to eat them, according to practices and during competitions throughout the year. There was even a time I wanted to dabble in veganism during my professional career. He never suggested I don’t try it, however educated me on what might be a more realistic diet for my event. He sent me articles after articles to enlighten me on both the pros and cons of being a vegan as a Professional Heptathlete. He has continued to check up on me over the years and has always been available for my nutrition questions and concerns. I honestly think working with Shawn over the years has developed not only my athleticism and my ability to perform amongst other professional/Olympic athletes, but has increased my confidence to encourage competitive women all around, the importance of quality nutrition. ”

    USATF Heptathlete

  • Sports Dietitian

    “I have worked with Shawn for 5 years now, and the one thing that has always stood out to me is his level of dedication to educate athletes in sports nutrition. With Shawn it is more than just Macros on a spread sheet. Shawn shares his knowledge so athletes can be independent and truly understand how to fuel their bodies for maximum performance. Give a man a fish feed him for a day. Teach a man about lean protein and Omega-3s in Fish give a man the tools to fuel his performance for a lifetime. That’s what you get with Shawn.”

    Strength and Conditioning Coach University of Central Missouri