Samuel Bullard, MS, RD, LDN

My approach to nutrition is centered on building healthy, sustainable habits. My goal is to make eating well a normal part of every athlete’s daily life so that they can be at their best without constantly worrying about their diet.

Samuel's bio...

Samuel Bullard is a Registered Dietitian with a specialty in providing nutritional guidance for athletes. Based on his personal experience as a wrestler and his academic background in exercise science and nutrition, he offers a unique perspective and practical solutions to his clients.

Samuel's interest in nutrition stemmed from observing the impact it had on his wrestling performance during his 13-year wrestling career, which culminated in his participation with the fifth-ranked high school wrestling team in the United States. This interest eventually guided him to further his education. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a Clinical Concentration from Georgia Gwinnett College in May 2019, followed by a Master of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Georgia State University in August 2021. His academic efforts were recognized, earning him honors such as Cum Laude, making the President’s List, and being accepted into the GGC Honors Program. He also had his work published in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance (JOPERD).

In December 2021, Samuel established Bullard Nutrition out of a desire to help people begin to use nutrition as the incredible tool that it is to improve performance and health. Through Bullard Nutrition, Samuel provided nutrition counseling and education to wrestlers and athletes at various levels including the high school and college aged athletes.

Samuel's professional growth was further shaped by practical experience through interning with Sports Dietitians at Georgia Tech where he worked with the football team and working with the Penn College Wrestling Team through MySportsRD.

Samuel believes an optimized diet is essential for an individual's overall health and well-being, as it significantly impacts physical, mental, and emotional wellness. He has experienced first hand and through his clients the change that nutrition can bring to an athlete's performance.

In a field often muddled with misleading information and unbeneficial product promotions, Samuel takes pride in offering his clients clear, research-backed nutritional advice. He is dedicated to assisting clients in utilizing nutrition effectively to achieve their personal and performance goals.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Wrestled at a top 5 High School Wrestling Program
  • Graduated with a Master’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Georgia State University
  • Intern with Collegiate Sports Dietitians at Georgia Tech
  • Provided Nutritional Counseling and Education to the Penn College Wrestling Team


    Pre-Weigh-In Nutrition: Tips and Tricks for Making Weight in Wrestling

What others are saying about Samuel....

Sports Dietitian

“With 2 boys that are multi-sport athletes we have always put an emphasis on eating right. Sam's coaching reinforced what we were doing right and pointed out some areas we could improve on. He provided resources and more options than what we knew. Sam not only gave more options, he explained the "why" in terms that my sons could relate. It helped them both in the 2nd half of wrestling season and we packed and prepared for each tournament better.”


Sports Dietitian

“Sam is great! Very knowledgeable and friendly. He was able to build a nutrition plan that worked for my life style and helped me hit my goal weight!”

Drummer for Kane Brown

Sports Dietitian

“Top nutrition coach, helped me make weight for 3 days of amateur boxing match’s in a very short period. I was passing out from not eating but Samuel saved me from myself and I made weight and was able to fight the 3 days and win !!”


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