Meet Reshaunda Thornton

  • Sports Dietitian

    “Did you know nutrition is the missing link to improving sports performance? We are excited to introduce a dynamic nutrition program that can be easily implemented for you or your athletes.”

    Sports Dietitian

Reshaunda's bio...

Reshaunda Thornton is a sports dietitian and owner of private practice, BetterVessel Nutrition. Being in the wellness industry for over 10 years, her work involves specializing in nutrition for sports performance of all ages and athletic levels, individual nutrition consulting, speaking on media platforms, and writing nutrition content for magazines such as St. Louis Magazine and monthly, as the sports dietitian, in STL Kids Compete Magazine.

She has experience building wellness programs for fire departments, programming for multiple sports teams at Maryville University, sports training facilities, and St. Louis Surge professional women’s basketball team. She also has multiple collaborations within the health industry, speaking to corporate and organizations focused on wellness and nutrition. Since 2014, Reshaunda has affiliations with the local St. Louis FOX 2 News as the nutrition expert with over 80 segments. She was a recent 2019 St. Louis TEDxGateway Arch speaker, holds an adjunct professor teaching nutrition and exercise-related classes, and is the author of Play to Win the Food Fight. And lastly, she has a thriving podcast show “The Dietitian Against Diets”. In her free time, Reshaunda also dedicates volunteer hours to nonprofit organizations focused on empowering pre-teen girls in areas of nutrition, exercise, and self-affirmation. Her mixture of passion and expertise has allowed her to change lives in an impactful way as she brings energy and creativity every time.

Texas native and fitness enthusiast, Reshaunda Thornton has received two Bachelors of Science from Stephen F. Austin State University in Biology and minor in Psychology, Kansas State University in Nutrition & Dietetics, and a Masters in Human Nutrition concentrated in Sports Performance from Logan University.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Owner of BetterVessel Nutrition with over 10 years of experience, specializing in nutrition for sports performance of all ages and athletic levels.
  • Sports and Wellness programming for Fire departments, armed forces, and university and professional athletes
  • St. Louis FOX2News nutrition expert with 80+ segments
  • St. Louis Gateway Arch TEDx Speaker & top 5 dietitian in St. Louis area
  • Podcast Host “The Dietitian Against Diets” & Author of Play to Win the Food Fight

What others are saying about Reshaunda....

Sports Dietitian

“I had the pleasure of working with Reshaunda Thornton at Maryville University as part of our human performance program for student athletes on campus. During our time together, Reshaunda provided exceptional dietetic services in both team and individual nutrition education, and through collaborating with the entire department to establish guidelines for anthropometric and body composition based on the sport. Reshaunda showed a great range of diversity working with both men’s and women’s teams across several sports (softball, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and lacrosse), as well as with a community-based tactical entity we service.

Reshaunda is knowledgeable and professional. Everyone, from the sports coaches and strength coaches to the players and tactical team members were thrilled to have her on board. I am grateful for her help and the progress we were able to achieve through her guidance.”

Maryville University – Exercise Science Program Director

Sports Dietitian

“One of my favorite things about working with Reshaunda is her positive attitude and holistic approach to health & wellness. Building and creating a personalized program to ensure you are fueling your body with the right nutrients as well implementing a plan to stay active. We have a shared philosophy of wellness which is why having her a part of the Surge team as our sports dietitian just made sense. ”

Surge Owner/General Manager

Sports Dietitian

“Our track team has had the opportunity to be taught by Reshaunda Thornton for the past 2 years. Mrs. Thornton has been an integral part in educating our students and supporting our staff. Her presentations on the impact of diet on academic and athletic performance have been critical for our community and helped promote a community buy in to reach optimal success. Over the course of time, the team and staff have benefited greatly from her expertise. Any program with Reshaunda Thornton as a member can only go higher. ”

Teacher/ Track Coach, Hazelwood School District