Nitric Oxide Effects

Q&A for Session #6

Nitric Oxide from Inorganic Nitrate and its Effect on Health and Physical Performance
Sports Nutrition Symposium 4.0
Wednesday January 19th, 2022 @ 7 pm CST

John Llvy, PhD, FACSM

In the presentation, the importance of nitric oxide for maintaining wellness, good health and improving physical performance will be illuminated, as well as means of increasing nitric oxide production via consumption of inorganic nitrate from one's diet or dietary supplements. The safety of inorganic nitrate consumption will also be discussed.

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  • You said that L-arginine worsens oxidative stress; Arginaid is a common supplement for pressure ulcers. Is this contraindicated?
    • What I said was if you are under oxidative stress and you have an uncoupling of nitric oxide synthase, giving arginine as a supplement to lower blood pressure or other cardiovascular benefits is detrimental. Reasoning is that the enzyme is uncoupled and cannot generate nitric oxide. Arginine will bond with the oxide synthase and generate free radicals. They bring about damage to the heart tissue and will inhibit nitric oxide synthase.What's been found is that those patients that are put on arginine die sooner than those on a placebo.

  • Can you discuss the use of nitric oxide in respiratory health? Must it be taken by an inhaler or do dietary sources provide the same antiviral and brochial benefits?
    • There are nitric oxide inhalents that destroys respiratory viruses. We have no evidence that nitric oxide systemically effects respiratory infection except that we know it's important in activating the immune system. To fight viral infections I take dietary nitrate, vitamin D3, zinc, and vitamin C.

  • Can you explain how some nitrates turn to NO and some will turn to nitrosamines which is related to increased cancer risk?
    • Nitrites can bond to certain proteins to generate nitrosamines. These can be cancerous and bind to other proteins and DNA. When we look at processed meats, supplements that provide nitrate or nitrite they contain Vitamin C which inhibits the nitrosamine formation. Only small amounts of vitamin C needed. Taking in fruits and vegetables, processed meats, beet root powder these all have plenty of vitamin C. The other thing is large amount of nitrate and nitrite and no problems have been found. 1000-1200 mg of nitrate per day when people are on the DASH diet are beneficial to people with cardiovascular disease.

  • What would be the different between having beets and having BeetElite?
    • One serving of Beet Elite is equivalent to 6 beets. Taste is different (better) and is cheaper to have Beet Elite.

  • You said for best effect take 7 days prior. Do you recommend ~400-500 mg every day for 7 days?
    • This was from one study, so I don't think you need to do that to get the acute effect. If you aren't well trained then just one supplement will work. Highly trained individuals can take 2 days before. I would take one eveyday before working out because of the chronic effects- can help increase muscle mass, vascularization, and faster training adaptations.

  • Regarding the leafy greens, is there value in a greens powder as so many of these athletes want to take in?
    • Most of the greens products aren't there for the nitrate. In fact they are not processed to maintain the nitrate. The way that beets are turned into cystalline powder in Beet Elite is what maintains nitrate and nitrite. When you get these green powders they are trying to maintain the polyphenols, not nitrate products.

  • Would supplementation of this be beneficial in ultra-distance runners? Weight lifters?
    • Yes for both. The thing about nitrix oxide is it expands the whole domain of exercise can expand from endurance to power work. The way it effects the muslce in so many different ways. Increases energy efficiency, oxygen efficiency, muscle contractility and power. Runs the gamit on exercise.

  • If it only lasts 4 hours, would you top up during a run for an ultramarathoner?
    • Yes, about 3-3.5 hours in. For general health 1 scoop. Super beets for health purposes. Neo40 is a losange lowering blood pressure and reversing atherosclerosis. Beet elite for exercise.

  • Is there a difference in nitrate content in red vs. yellow beets? Or is it all about growing conditions, location, etc?
    • Yellow beets don't contain much nitrates at all.

  • You mentioned highly trained/ more fit individuals get less benefits from taking NO. At what point should an athlete consider taking a supplement if they are highly fit?
    • So if someone is highly fit then they respond less to dietary nitrate. What we suggest is you aren't taking on a regular basis you should take it 2 days before, day of competition take it in the morning, depends on the supplement. For a powdered beet supplement with no nitrite you should take it two hours before. What we recommend for beet elite 2 days before, morning of, and 30 minutes before the competition.

  • What if you are currently taking an antihypertensive, like a calcium channel blocker?
    • Yes you can take it, there won't be an adverse effect. Talk to your physician before starting. Neo40 is recommended.