Nathaniel Snipes, RDN, LD

My view on nutrition is to provide practical, sustainable, research-based approaches to athletes to help them meet the physical demands of their sport. I believe proper nutrition, sleep, and recovery can aid an athlete in reaching their full potential.

Nathaniel's bio...
I am a registered dietitian with an emphasize in sports nutrition. I first became interested in performance based nutrition in high school. I quickly realized the impact nutrition has on my performance. Proper nutrition serves as the cornerstone for athletic success and often times provides that extra edge over your competitors. This revelation in high school led me to pursue a degree in nutrition with a minor in business with the hopes of someday opening my own business.

I started my career as dietitian with Bentonville Public Schools. At Bentonville I made connections with the high school football team by providing post practice breakfast meals during COVID. I have since opened a centralized hub called the POD (Provisions on Demand). The POD features fruit cups, smoothies, Fairlife milk, parfaits, grab & go meals and more. Bentonville Public Schools allowed me the opportunity to begin my journey working with high school coaches and athletes to better prepare student athletes for the demands associated with their sport.utritional advice. He is dedicated to assisting clients in utilizing nutrition effectively to achieve their personal and performance goals.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Worked with Bentonville high school football team to provide pre and post workout meals
  • Interned and worked alongside trainers at D1 sports training
  • Created central hub for student athletes to receive nutrient dense meals
  • Created K12 complaint meals for student athletes

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