Meet Jenna Stangland

  • Sports Dietitian

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    Sports Dietitian

Jenna's bio...

Jenna is a board certified sports dietitian and the Director of Nutrition for the Minnesota Wild professional hockey organization. Through her expertise in nutrition for hockey she has worked with multiple collegiate hockey programs and club teams as well as the nutrition expert for CCM camps around the nation. Aside from hockey, she is the lead dietitian at a physical therapy and sports performance company where she has grown the functional nutrition program from one to over thousands of individuals learning how to fuel with food to feel better.

Jenna has a strong background in science stemming from her undergraduate studies at the University of Minnesota in genetics and cell biology. She went on to obtain her masters degree as a Buckeye at The Ohio State University where she studied bone density and iron levels in female runners. 

Jenna is passionate about applying nutritional science towards optimal athletic performance. Our bodies internally are giant chemistry labs and by understanding how food functions at the cellular level, athletes have the power to execute plans to achieve their maximum strength, stamina, and agility. Jenna translates evidence based strategies into individualized, practical application for every athlete she works with which is youth, recreational, club, collegiate and professional.

She finds it rewarding to empower athletes to make the right fuel choices at the right time for the optimal effect on their overall success.

In short - Jenna will teach you how to elevate your everyday through a personalized plan you can realistically activate to achieve the performance results you have been aiming for! Let's go!

  • Minnesota Wild Director of Nutrition, currently working with the NHL, AHL and affiliate teams within the organization

  • Dance Medicine Nutrition Expert and Board Member of the Minnesota Dance Medicine Foundation, as well as being a former dancer herself for 16 years!

  • Macalester College Sports Dietitian for all 19 teams

  • Launched the first ever nutrition program for the largest physician owned orthopedic company in the nation

  • Published research articles at The Ohio State Medical Center on recreational female runners, bone density and iron levels

What others are saying about Jenna....

Sports Dietitian

“I started working with Jenna 2 years ago when training for my 4th Ironman was leaving me drained, low on energy and recovering poorly. Jenna helped me revamp my nutrition pre, during and post workouts to ensure just the right amount calories and nutrients. After making changes to my diet and timing of my meals and snacks my energy levels returned, and I was able to push through each workout and recover faster reaching new heights in my performance. ”

Physical Therapist and Ironman World Championship Qualifier

Sports Dietitian

“I’m a triathlete who has done 12 Ironman races, and 17 marathons, and in the past few years I was noticing that I wasn’t recovering as quickly as I used to and the little pains lingered longer then they should.

I met with Jenna, a nutrition coach and registered sports dietitian and Jenna decided I would be a good candidate for MRT testing (a food sensitivity test measuring individual inflammatory response to foods). The results showed some foods I was choosing to be healthy were actually contributing to inflammation, possibly delaying my recovery in training and adding to my pain.

Once I implemented the food plan based on my results, I started to notice my pain decreasing. I could now train and workout without pain afterwards. I also noticed that my water retention had decreased and I had lost 12 lbs after starting the plan. My inflammation decreased and my recovery time after a workout or a race was much faster! Jenna’s new fueling strategies along with the nutrition plan has been incredible. I'm lighter, healthier and most importantly pain free and faster!!!”