Janice Wen, MS, RD

My approach to helping athletes is to optimize performance through nutrition by providing individualized guidance, proven methods, and unwavering support using the the most up-to-date evidence based sports nutrition strategies.

Janice's bio...

Janice Wen is a highly dedicated sports nutritionist who is deeply passionate about enabling young athletes to unlock their full potential through the power of tailored nutrition strategies.

Janice earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Sciences with Honors from the esteemed University of Toronto, followed by a Masters of Nutrition and Public Health degree from Columbia University in New York City. After undergoing a comprehensive dietetic internship at Columbia University, her journey led her to become a Registered Dietitian. More recently, after many years of successfully counseling private clients in diet and nutrition, Janice decided to specialize in sports nutrition for athletes and obtained her certification as a Sports Nutrition Specialist from the National Exercise and Sports Training Association. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is an affiliate of the Sports and Human Performance Practice Group as well as the Asian American and Pacific Islanders Interest Group.

With an impressive 17 years as a Registered Dietitian, Janice has honed her skills in diverse settings, from hospital environments where she provided vital nutritional care to patients, to community outreach where she designed enriching nutrition curricula for elementary schools. Her personalized approach extends to one-on-one nutrition counseling and education.

In her extensive experience working with a broad spectrum of individuals, including recreational athletes and youth sports enthusiasts, Janice has witnessed firsthand the transformative influence of proper nutrition on athletic performance. Her passion is fueled by the sense of accomplishment that arises as she collaborates with young athletes to optimize their nutrition for peak performance. Witnessing their increased confidence as they grasp the role of nutrition in enhancing their capabilities is profoundly gratifying to her. The positive transformation she observes in their performance, energy, and overall well-being continue to inspire her.

Janice remains steadfast in her commitment to remaining at the forefront of advancements in sports nutrition. Her mission is centered around empowering young athletes to elevate their performance by providing them with personalized guidance, practical strategies, and unwavering support using the the most up-to-date evidence based nutrition information. Whether it's on the field or beyond, Janice is devoted to aiding youth athletes in overcome challenges and realizing their athletic potential through sports nutrition.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Earned a B.Sc. in Nutritional Sciences with Honors from the University of Toronto and a Masters in Nutrition and Public Health from Columbia University.
  • Offers 17 years as a Registered Dietitian, with roles spanning hospitals to designing school nutrition curricula, emphasizing tailored counseling for athletes and youth.
  • Committed to the continuous learning of sports nutrition, actively engaged with renowned nutrition bodies, and passionately empowers young athletes with evidence-based practices.

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