Giordana Marie Koutavas, MBA, RDN, LDN

I have learned to pride my nutritional advice on balance, moderation, and accommodating dietary restrictions when required. My approach with clients is to focus on where they are in life regarding daily habits, and what they hope to achieve regarding their health, performance, and overall wellness. I look forward to working with you!

Giordana's bio...

Giordana is working in the nutrition, wellness, and fitness industry as an experienced registered and licensed dietitian who holds an MBA degree. She has her own private practice where she is able to help individuals reduce their chronic disease risk and educate athletes on health and nutrition to help her players excel. As a prior university scholarship athlete, she understands the demands athletes are under. In addition, as a seasoned soccer coach Giordana provides individual and group soccer training sessions.

Giordana is the President, CEO at Allergies Shaped My Life Foundation, which is a 501(c)3 (non-profit) formed to help students with financial burdens when purchasing allergy friendly foods during their academic years by providing scholarships.

In her free time, you’ll find Giordana spending time with family/friends, reading a book, freelance writing, enjoying a Netflix binge, or riding her bike on local trails.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Earned an International Master of Business Administration, certificate of specialization in supply chain and global management
  • President, CEO at Allergies Shaped My Life Foundation
  • Former collegiate soccer student athlete and National C License soccer coach
  • Wellness Coach in the corporate setting for four years prior to opening own private practice
  • Former mentor and children & teens activities coordinator for the Celiac Disease Foundation

What others are saying about Giordana....

Sports Dietitian

““I am proud to have worked closely with Giordana both coaching and educating young players in the art of our beautiful game. As someone who has been deeply involved in the game for over half a century, as a high level player, referee and youth coach I have worked with a number of compatriots and would place Giordana very high on the list of the very best. Her understanding of the total requirements of the game and what it takes to rise to the highest level becomes obvious very soon after you meet her and watch her work. During our time working together I was able to see and appreciate her innate ability to pass on her love for the game, and the understanding that coaching and educating goes far beyond teaching just running, kicking and dribbling around a set of cones on the ground. At the highest level it’s a total commitment involving the whole package, physical fitness, mental awareness, nutritional requirements, basic soccer skills and much more and she brings this all to her work. It was a pleasure to work alongside Giordana and I am happy to recommend her to anyone who is looking for the whole package.””

Referee, Coach

Sports Dietitian

“"Your gentle urging to consider several needed changes to my diet and encouraging me to make health and fitness goals have helped me realize a definite improvement in my health state of mind. I feel physically better thanks to better diet choices, and by assuming a structured exercise plan resulting in a weight loss of over 12 pounds in 6 weeks time. I hope God will lead other folks such as myself to you who might have good intentions to do something, but simply need someone who can give a gentle nudge to get them going."”


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