Food Insecurity in Collegiate Athletes

Q&A for Session #8
Sports Nutrition Symposium 3.0
Thursday June 24th, 2021 @ 12 pm CST

Christine Karpinski, PhD, RD, CSSD, LDN 400 x 400 black background

Food insecurity and its associated effect on eating behaviors and health implications have become an emerging area of interest in both practice and research; even more so since the advent of the COVID pandemic. This presentation will discuss the limited research that has been done on this topic, how this largely ignored problem demands unique solutions and how we can use this information to leverage for more resources to help these student-athletes.

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  • Thoughts on student athletes being paid?
    • It may help division 1 athletes but it wont help division 2 and 3 athletes.
  • % of students with young children?
    • Student athletes are not eligible for SNAP unless they work >20hrs per week or if they have children.
  • Thoughts on 2 yr schools?
    • Usually 2 year schools are club, didn't know how many people in audience work in 2 year schools but it is still an issue regardless.
  • Data on if programs who have these programs have lower numbers?
    • No, these things are not really documented as far as we are aware.
  • Local nutrition security network to identify outreach with athletes and families?
    • Not familiar
  • First step in starting a sports nutrition program at D2 school?
    • Contact me personally to discuss