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    ““As a sports dietitian, I am excited to exercise my science loving heart and knowledge of prolific fueling to help you succeed in the game of life and sports"”

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Meet Courtney Brown

Courtney's bio...

Throughout my life, sports have always been stable since I was young. As a kid, I played soccer and swam competitively which I enjoyed. However, I found myself loving the sport of softball. With many hours of training and playing club softball, I was able to be recruited to Pima Community College. During my first two years at Pima Community College, I was able to become a 2016 NJCAA All - American outfielder and 2016 NFCA All-American along with excelling within the classroom. After two years at Pima Community College, I transferred to Stephen F. Austin University to continue my collegiate career and also obtained my bachelor's in nutrition. Later I attended Micheal E. DeBakey VA Dietetic Internship and Texas Woman's University to obtain my master's in Nutrition. Since 2021 I have been a dietitian who has worked with different populations. Some individuals I have worked with are athletes, and acutely and chronically ill individuals.

My love for sports drives me to want to help others become better athletes and one way to do this is by helping from a nutrition standpoint. As a former athlete, I understand the demand of training schedules, school, work, and everyday life. When it comes to sports and performance there are a ton of components that influence an individual's performance which does include their food and fluid intake. Often the nutrition aspect is overlooked or misunderstood. For example, one day my coaches told me to gain ten pounds. When I asked what they told me by eating anything. The lack of nutrition knowledge within the sports nutrition world is impacting more athletes than we know. My goal is to help athletes achieve their goals within their diet.

About Courtney Brown, MS, RD

  • Former 2106 NCJAA All American and 2016 NCFA All American
  • Former D1 collegiate athlete
  • Former Sport Dietitian at Lamar University
  • Current Clinical Dietitian at Banner Health
  • Been part of My Sports Dietitians since 2021