Meet Andrea Chapin

  • Sports Dietitian

    “I will pour my science-loving heart and soul into supporting your success in sport and life through nutrition. I look forward to working with you!”

    Sports Dietitian

Andrea's bio...

Andrea Chapin has been a Registered Dietitian since 2010, holds Master’s Degrees in both Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, and is Board Certified in Sports Dietetics. Her career background is vast ranging from clinical dietetics, academia, corporate wellness, and human performance. She is experienced in working with every level of athlete: recreational, high school, Division I Collegiate, Professional (Major League Baseball), Olympic (USA Volleyball), and tactical.

Andrea’s approach to performance nutrition for athletes is rooted in both nutrition science and behavioral science. Her passion is translating evidence based strategies into individualized, practical application for every athlete she encounters. She is continuously amazed by what athletes achieve when they bring the right nutrition to the table.

A California native, Andrea is an avid outdoor athlete and has crossed the finish line of numerous half marathons, triathlons, swimrun, 10Ks, submitted Half Dome and Mt. San Gorgonio, and swam from Alcatraz. In her spare time you can find her hiking, swimming in the ocean, or getting in a HIIT workout.

Professional Accomplishments:

  • Sports Nutrition Fellow for USA Volleyball Men's and Women's US National Team during 2019 Olympic qualifying year 

  • Sports Science Intern for MLB San Francisco Giants 2018 season 

  • Earned two Master's Degrees from San Diego State University concurrently, in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. 

  • Thesis: Metabolic and physiologic demands of active duty U.S. Navy SEALs during extreme cold water diving

What others are saying about Andrea....

Sports Dietitian

“Andrea Chapin helped me run my fastest marathon and qualify for the Boston marathon! She took into consideration what I was putting in my body daily and my training plan. She gave me double suggestions to help make a positive impact on my nutrition to support my body through long training runs. Before working with Andrea I was loosing 4-6% of my body weight during one 2 hour training run that usually ended in terrible stomach pains and a bloody nose. She helped me figure out a pre-run meal that was gentle on my stomach, how much water, electrolytes and carbohydrates to take in during my runs and a post-run meal that agreed with my stomach. I don’t know if I would have qualified for the Boston marathon without Andrea’s help. I highly recommend Andrea Chapin for anyone with athletic or lifestyle goals! ”

Sports Dietitian

“Andrea taught me a lot about nutrition and how certain foods at certain times can help in muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance. She helped me with me meal ideas and times when I should be eating. Because of her, I was able to gain a lot of strength and muscle mass that I wasn’t gaining before because I wasn’t eating right. I’ve been playing sports and lifting for a very long time but I never gained the mass i wanted and Andrea gave me the knowledge I needed to achieve my weight goals. ”

Sports Dietitian

“ Working with a sports nutritionist is key for an athlete. They help guide you to maximize your training. The hardest thing athletes do is understanding and figuring out how to fuel their body to maximize their efforts. Learning how to meal prep, when to eat, what to eat is a big component to getting max performance in the weight room and field. ”

Sports Dietitian

“Hi, my name is Natalie Johnston I am 17 years old. I am a competitive swimmer and water polo player. I concentrate more on water polo because I really like it and it's just more fun. The practices are hard and at times intense. I was finding myself fatigued and it was taking me longer to recover. I was so hungry after practices and games I would eat burritos, pizza, cheese burgers and binge on fries and chips. My weight was never a problem, in fact I was thin, 5'8" 125lbs. I knew my diet needed help. My dad who is a therapist worked with Andrea at the hospital and he reached out for some advice. Andrea helped set up a diet and gave us ideas for healthy snacks and types of foods that would give me more energy. I have incorporated her plan into my diet. Not saying I don't still have Chipotle or in-n-out just not as often. ”