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Our Brand Ambassadors will create, contribute to and influence discussion on a broad range of sports nutrition topics within our private Facebook groups.

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What you will do as an ambassador...

Share your experiences.

Contribute to the discussion.

Discover new relationships.

We launched our WINNERS CIRCLE Brand Ambassadors program in order to build a supportive and inspiring community of like minded individuals that will create positive and engaging content and discussion on a broad range of sports nutrtion topics.

Make a Difference

Back in the early days of My Sports Dietitian, we noticed some folks went above and beyond when contributing to the conversations in our private facebook groups—without these voices My Sports Dietitian wouldn’t be what it is today. 

Be an Influencer

Make a difference by being involved. This is your chance to join team of winners and learn how to engaged others into meaningful discussions around topics you already love to talk about....sports nutrition!

Become a Trusted Voice

Real people. Real conversations.
It isn’t just about recognizing folks who share a ton of pictures or write reviews, it’s also a mark of trust you are building for the Eat 2 Win brand.

Perks of a Brand Ambassador

Being selected to join the WINNERS CIRCLE gets you on the inside track to obtain these perks....

Free Premium Content

Sports Nutrition content for your personal development. Lifetime access to the Premium version of the Eat 2 Win app plus other premium content on mysportsd.com

Insider Information

Be the first to learn about and provide feedback on Eat 2 Win initiatives. We value your insight and loyalty to the Eat 2 Win brand. We listen closely to our team on the Winners Circle.

Discounts on Premium Resources

Significant discounts for premium packages of services or resources. Lot's of premium resources to use with athletes is discounted for our team membes in the Winners Circle.

Brand Ambassador Expectations

What we expect from our team in the WINNERS CIRLCE!

Moderator in Facebook Group

Be an active moderator in the Eat 2 Win(ners) Circle Facebook Group. Take ownership of the group activity and discussion.

Post Content

Post original thought or content 1/x monthly on sports nutrition related topics bases on aligned theme schedule. 


Engage with Other Content

Have your notifications turned on and engage to posts from others within 2 hours. Build a community of discussion.

Stay Connected to your Community

Attend a monthly virtual team meeting and get to know other Winners in the Circle!

Meet some of our Ambassadors in the WINNERS CIRCLE

Veronica Magee

Thais Gaia Oliveira

Rachel Voet

Crystal Shirk


  • Sports Dietitian

    “The brand ambassador program has been a great way to create content for fellow practitioners to use or learn from. The content posted is also a great way to show what MSD has to offer on their website ranging from blog posts to CEU's. Member engagement should be top priority, but first we have to know what members want to see more, and learn more about. That is where the ambassadors come in! We look for content to post that is emerging, relatable, and educational to the members. We are looking to learn what the members want and what is the best way to give that information to them; via CEU, infographic, blog, or podcast. ”

    Eat 2 Win Ambassador


FAQ about our Ambassadors Program

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There are no fees to join but the positions are competitive and not everyone gets selected.

You can submit your application at any time. We will make internal decisions on when we are ready to enroll new members.

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