A Pragmatic Approach to Individualized Physical Development in High School Athletes

Bryce Patterson- HS Symposium 1.0 Speaker

This presentation focused on how data from force plates can help drive individualized care in a pragmatic and scalable way, while reducing the time and burden on overworked and understaffed sports medicine and performance teams. Hyper individualization has become a central theme of best practices in injury prevention and rehabilitation efforts. While most of the industry recognizes the value of individualized care, the application in high school athletics only seems feasible for the top 0.5% of programs with ample supporting staff or financial support. 

Q&A for Session #1

Is there an app or a way to analyze the jump other than the force plate?

  • There are a variety of things. Force plates have become more inexpensive. Force plates are the only way to truly measure force. A jump mat won't give force but will give height and a few other metrics.

What is the future of force plate technology?

  • More portability
  • More data is produced in the field, not in the lab
  • Making technology cheaper and available for the wider population
  • Looking at more than force plate data, including performance, injury, etc.