Meet Crystal Zabka-Belsky

  • Sports Dietitian

    “As a Sport Scientist and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, I am excited to help you build the best game plan for fierce performance with cutting-edge science to sport applications!”

    Sports Dietitian

Crystal's bio...

As a lifelong athlete and former Husker co-ed cheerleader, Crystal is no stranger to the high-paced demands of elite athletes. She is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with three degrees, including Bachelor's Degrees in Dietetics and Exercise Science, and a Master's Degree in Nutrition & Exercise. Her published thesis research was related to the development and implementation of a dysfunctional eating assessment instrument for the athletic department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Crystal is the owner of Fierce Fueling & Performance, P.C., a sports nutrition consulting practice through which she works with athletes ranging from youth sports to Olympic competitors. Crystal spent three years as a consulting sport scientist in the sweat testing program for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and three years as a Gatorade-sponsored Sports Dietitian in the NBA. As a sports nutrition consultant, Crystal works with an elite gymnast who recently qualified for the USA Classic, a Team USA Bobsledder, recently completed a two-year contract developing the sports nutrition program for all 19 sports at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington, is headed into her third year as the Sports Dietitian for the Campbell University Football Program in North Carolina, and is in her fourth year as a sports nutrition consultant for the Omaha Gymnastics Academy. Crystal has over a decade of experience working with substance abuse and mental diagnoses in youth and adults, and has specialized in eating disorders in athletes for over 15 years.

Crystal is committed to being a student of the field and promoting sport science applications across all types and levels of sports. She actively serves on multiple professional boards including the Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics examination committee, the Nebraska Board of Medical Nutrition Therapy and the Special Olympics Nebraska Health Advisory Committee. She also serves as a sports nutrition consultant for the Nebraska Beef Council, the Nebraska Coaches Association, Special Olympics Nebraska and the DREAM Foundation/Warren Academy.

Professional Accomplishments

  • Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics with three degrees in the fields of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Science
  • 15 years of sports nutrition experience ranging from youth sports to Olympic athletes
  • Experience includes elite multi-sport youth athletes, the NBA, Division I Football, 19-sport Division I athletic dept, elite gymnastics, Team USA athletes, and Special Olympics athletes
  • Specialized in eating disorders, substance abuse and mental health diagnoses in athletes
  • Spent 3 years as a consulting sport scientist in the sweat testing program for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute and 3 years as a Gatorade-sponsored Sports Dietitian in the NBA
  • Private consulting sport scientist specializing in assessing sweat profiles and establishing individualized hydration plans

What others are saying about Crystal....

Sports Dietitian

“Crystal has made a huge impact on the performance of my training. Before I started working with her, I had many workouts where I would be light-headed and couldn't perform to my best. I thought I was doing the right things nutritionally to get me through the training, but after starting to work with Crystal, I realized I was very wrong. Crystal listened to my workout demands and figured out exactly what I needed to be successful. After I started following her guidelines, I did not feel light-headed again and felt stronger during my workouts. She elevated my performance and took me to the next level of my career.”

Team USA Bobsled

Sports Dietitian

“Working with Crystal as a professional athlete helped me to better understand my fueling, recovery & hydration needs, both for improving performance & promoting recovery from injury. Because of the impact she had on me & my teammates, I also sought her out following my professional basketball career to collaborate with. She now serves as the Sports Dietitian for Colorado Prep, an elite basketball program that I oversee, where she provides guidance on fueling, recovery, hydration & travel nutrition. I am excited to see how she contributes to the evolution of our players from elite to potential college & professional athletes.”

NBA Veteran and Founder of Colorado Prep Elite Basketball Program

Sports Dietitian

“As a college football athlete who has dreams of making it to the NFL, I needed something that could give me an edge over my opponents and somebody who could help me do that. My way of gaining that edge was through nutrition, and this is where Crystal made a huge impact on my career. She broke down everything I needed to eat and drink, the times I needed to eat, the portions and anything else you can think of dealing with having the best nutrition as possible to feel the best and play the best I have ever played. She walked me through everything step by step and explained why I needed the things and what uses and effects they would have on my body. I had the best performance of my career this season and I felt better than I ever have while playing. This is all thanks to Crystal. I will be using her guidance for as long as I play sports and even after that.”

Campbell Football Defensive Back, NFL Draft Class of 2021