Nutritional Intake for Optimal Bone Health eBook
Minimizing Stress Fracture Risk

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What People Are Saying

Sports Dietitian

“Dr. Rittenhouse has provided a very practical review of the importance of proper diet with specific recommendations for athletes of all ages and abilities. Proper nutrition is an important factor for optimal training, performance and injury prevention. All too often, an athlete's hard training is sabotaged by an improper diet. Dr. Rittenhouse provides guidelines to ensure getting the most from training and avoiding injury. I plan on using her manuscript in teaching my patients, students and resident physicians. A job well done!”

Harrison Distinguished Assoc Professor Chair, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Medical Director, The Runner's Clinic at UVa

Sports Dietitian

“As an athlete myself, I found this to be a great resource for optimizing bone health from a nutritional standpoint. This easy to read book provides valuable information for eating a diet high in bone building nutrients. It is a must read for young athletes, coaches, or parents. As mentioned in the ebook “There are many nutritional factors that affect bone health and unlike genetics, the best part about nutrition is that it can be modified.” I recommend this book for every young athlete.”

Penn State University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Sports Dietitian

“Dr. Rittenhouse provides athletes and coaches with a quick reference for optimizing bone health using nutrition. This book is easy-to-read and provides a great overview of the impact that nutrition can have on bone health. As someone who works with athletes on a daily basis, a quick reference guide like this can be very beneficial for those interested in additional information. ”

Assistant Director of Sports Nutrition, University of Virginia

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4 Important Tips You’ll Learn


Calories matter. Bone health is a balance between response to stress and adequate nutrition. You will be given tips on what to include in your diet to help reach peak bone mass and minimize risks of bone injuries, such as stress fractures.


Snacks and Recipes.  What good is a nutrition book without ideas to help incorporate all that knowledge? This book provides tables of foods high in various bone building nutrients and provides quick and easy recipes.


Protein and bone health.  We often thick of calcium when we think of bone health, but other key nutrients may be overlooked. Protein provides structure to bone and plays a key role in bone growth. The book will give you an idea if you are eating enough protein for optimal performance. 


Optimizing bone health with food.  Although we still consider calcium and vitamin D as two key nutrients for protecting and building bones, over the years research has shown evidence there are other nutrients that affect bone health in different ways. This book discusses some of the key nutrients researched and provides recommendations for optimizing bone health via nutritional intake.

Melissa Rittenhouse, PhD, RD, CSSD


Melissa is currently an Assistant Professor in the Health Sciences department at James Madison University (JMU), teaching in the Dietetics program. She has taught various undergraduate and graduate courses; some of which include, Nutrition Assessment, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Sports Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition.  In addition to her teaching responsibilities she works closely with the Sports Medicine department providing nutrition services for the athletes.

Most would consider Melissa’s hobby of competitive running a second career.  She has qualified and competed in the 2004, 2008 and 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials. That is over 12 years of competing and training at the highest level, post-collegiately. Melissa was a Division I collegiate athlete at the University of Dayton in Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track, where she received numerous recognitions. Melissa attributes her athletic success to her dedication and passion of the sport and to all the “little things” that often get over looked such as getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, and training smart.  

Melissa currently lives in Charlottesville, VA and trains with the Ragged Mountain Racing Team. She has a few more running goals to meet before she retires and runs for pleasure.