Grocery Shopping on a Budget for Athletes

Save Time, Save Money

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What People Are Saying

Sports Dietitian

“Grocery Shopping on a Budget: Save Money, Save Time is a must-read for every athlete from high school to the professional level! Most of my athletes know nutrition is important to perform at their best however HOW to practice a performance enhancing diet can be confusing, time consuming and expensive if an athlete hasn't been taught the SKILLS to execute a solid nutrition plan. There are hundreds of Sports Nutrition Books on the market yet I have never seen one that provides the athlete the simple step by step instructions Grocery Shopping on a Budget offers. Grocery Shopping on a Budget: Save Money, Save Time will be a resource I require all my athletes to have as part of their game plan.”

University of Maryland NCAA Division I Nutrition Consultant for the NBA Washington Wizards Former Team Dietitian for the NFL Washington Redskins 2007-2014

Sports Dietitian

“As a high school coach for 14 years, the biggest issue was how to maximize nutrition in our program. The challenge was always getting the athletes to eat right in the shadows of McDonalds and Burger King. I believe that Grocery Shopping on a Budget for Athletes: Save Money, Save Time is a must-read for every athlete from high school to the professional level!!!! This will give the athlete and the coach the necessary tool to maximize potential in their athletes.”

Head Strength Coach, West Springfield High School, 1999 - 2013 Head Freshmen Coach, West Springfield, 2007 - 2013 Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach, Washington Redskins, 1999 - 2007 Director Heath Fitness, National Defense University, 2007 - Present

Sports Dietitian

“Thanks for writing an easy to follow ebook on how I can keep my family's diet nutritious as well as reasonable. You were able to help put so many great ideas together in a logical, organized way to help me understand what to eat and where to find it. You inspired me to try to do better with my family's food and my budget! Great information!”

Mother of 16 year old soccer and track athlete

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So What’s The Book About?

 4 Important Tips You’ll Learn


Performance grocery list.  Not only will you learn the food components that make up the athlete’s plate you will be able to identify examples of nutrient dense foods and pick up tips to cruise through the aisles without paying a high price for healthy nutrition. 


Planning, researching and preparing.  You will learn the key behaviors to stick to a food budget, how to eliminate the guessing and time at the store and prevent unnecessary spending.


Money saving tips.  Learn how to save money and identify bargains by using the unit price to compare food costs and find the best food choices without breaking the bank. 


Make if from scratch.  You will learn to stretch the food budget by preparing and cooking performance meals and snacks from home and you will be provided with sample grab and go snacks to fuel your game for practice and competition.

Christine Turpin, RD, LDN, CSCS


Christine Turpin is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and strength and conditioning specialist.  She is a certified health fitness specialist and personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine.  A certified spinning instructor she owns Nourish 2 Perform, a nutrition and fitness consulting company in the Annapolis-Baltimore region.

Christine’s clients with Nourish 2 Perform include Stevenson University, Fairfax County Criminal Justice Department, 368 Athletics and Athletic Performance Inc.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics from the University of Maryland and received her bachelor’s degree in Adult Health (Kinesiology) from Bloomsburg University.  Christine grew up playing sports and was a competitive athlete.  She played collegiate field hockey, was an All-American field hockey player and part of a National Championship team at Bloomsburg University! 

Christine continues to stay fit and strong through competitive running and cycling events and throwing around weights at the gym. In her spare time you can find her kayaking on the bay with her husband, sailing and water skiing and hanging out with family and good friends.