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How to Properly Fuel During Long Competition & Tournaments

Petra Rack MS, RDN,LDN

What are ways to stay fueled for long competitions? Learn more about nutrition timing, hydration needs for the athlete, and how to keep up with energy needs.

New Sports Nutrition Webinar each Week!

Join us each week for a FREE live webinar given by a Sports Dietitian. Each webinar will include a 15-20 minute presentation PLUS a 10 minute Q&A session with a Registered Dietitian. Topics will range from building muscle to grocery shopping to sport specific nutrition talks.  

Who is this for?

The weekly webinar series is athletes, parents, and coaches who want to learn more about sports nutrition and how it can help improve your performance both on and off the field! 

  • Athletes
  • Parents of Athletes
  • Coaches
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Weekly Webinar Graphics (2)

What to expect

Each week you'll see a new webinar with a new presenter with topics ranging from building muscle to meal preparation. Presentations will last 15-20 minutes with 10 minutes for a Q&A session with the presenting MSD Sports Dietitian. Check back weekly to see what's next! 

Originally from Germantown, Wisconsin, Petra recently moved back from living in Texas for the past 6 years gaining her Bachelor's in Dietetics (2018) and Master's in Kinesiology (2020) degrees from Texas Christian University. While completing her master’s degree she worked as the department's Research Dietitian and completed her master’s thesis on “The effect of diet composition on performance, energy expenditure, blood lipids, cognitive function, and mood in highly trained cyclists.” She has had numerous other experiences within performance nutrition. The United States Olympic Committee-Combat & Acrobat Sports, TCU Athletics, and The Packers Football Organization all have broadened her experience working with various individuals ranging in age, sport, level of experience and commitment to their performance. Her goal with each of these organizations has been to influence behavior change by increasing the awareness of the power of positive nutrition and creating innovative ways to put these skills into practice.

Petra Rack

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Is this webinar live or on-demand?

Sessions will be live on Wednesdays at 7pm CST and then converted to an on-demand option shortly after and sent to you via email. 

Is it free?


How long is this webinar?

Webinars will be 20-30 minutes long including a Q&A session. 

Access to a replay if I can't attend the live webinar?

Yes, a replay link will be sent via email. 


What Others Are Saying about our Sports Nutrition Sessions...

  • "The weekly webinars are an awesome tool for all! They provided great insight on sport nutrition topics that can be understood by all! And they are FREE! Can't wait until the next webinar"

    Judy Brewer


  • These sports nutrition webinars are short, to the point and very practical. I highly recommend them to all of my athletes and parents. 

    Allison Smith


  • As an athlete I am always looking for trusted sports nutrition information. These sessions provide me with informaiton I can use. I look forward to each session!

    Jacob Albany