Weigh-In Survival Guide

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Weigh-In Survival Guide

Are you tired of struggling to make weight and not having enough energy to compete?

Learn how to...

  • Not skip meals and still make weight
  • Properly use water loading to lose weight
  • Improve energy levels while making weight
  • Change your diet to optimize your weigh-in
  • Recover faster after weigh-ins
  • Avoid common weigh-in mistakes

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Weigh-In Survival Guide

Each athlete will receive...

  • Four Part Weigh-in Survival Guide
  • Access to Eat 2 Win App Premium Features
  • In-App Message your Sports Dietitian or set up a 15 Minute Virtual Consult
  • Daily In App Videos
  • Weekly Eat 2 Win App Challenges

Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition App

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  • Variety of Customized Meal Plan Guides

  • Trackers

  • Meal Alerts

  • Gamification Events

  • Customize to your Caloric Demands

Join us in this transformative journey and power up your athletic performance today!

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