Team Nutrition Plan with Janice Wen

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Profile Image Janice Wen, MS, RD

Team Nutrition Plan with Janice Wen

Have fun on your way to improving your athletes eating habits and athletic performance with implementing the TEAM NUTRITION PLAN Program!

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Each Athlete will Receive!

  • 30 Week Seasonal Sports Nutrition Program

  • Access to Eat 2 Win App Premium Features

  • In-App Message your Sports Dietitian

  • Learn from College Athletes in app Videos

  • On-demand Zoom Sessions with Sports Dietitians

  • 2 Weeks Sports Nutrition Coaching + $30 Month Discount

  • Compete in Eat 2 Win App Challenges for Rewards

Measurable Improvements in your Athletes...

  • Energy Levels

  • Body Composition

  • Strength Gaines

  • Mental Focus

  • Muscle Recovery

  • Endurance

Eat 2 Win Sports Nutrition App
Premium Features Includes

Eat2Win E learning

  • Wide Variety of Meal Plan Guides

  • Trackers

  • Meal Alerts

  • Gamification Events

  • Customize to your Caloric Demands

  • In-app Message your Sports Dietitan

  • Podcast, Blogs, Webinars etc.

Additional Administration Resources

  • Add Nutrition Monitors
  • Create and Manage Teams
  • Create and Manage Challenges
  • Message Athletes in Groups
  • Run Reports

BONUS Resources for Admins

Sports Nutrition Resources
$499 Value

Infographics 53+
Presentations Decks 32+
Videos 80+
On-Demand Webinars 39+
Blog Content 22+
Podcast 43+

CEUs Courses
$399 Value
Athletic Trainers, 12+
Dietitians, 11+
Coaches, 4+

2 Hours Free 
$299 Value
Includes Team Talks
Staff Consulation or Education

$1,197 Bonus Value for FREE

Due today $999
renews annually

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