Sports Nutrition Symposium 5.0

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Sports Nutrition Symposium 5.0

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Symposium 5.0 Sessions

  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids Overview

  • Mental Health State and Pressures on Student Athletes

  • Food Sensitivities: Impact and Practical Applications for the Athlete

  • The Potential Applications for Cannabidiol (CBD) in Sport and Exercise

  • Assessing Methods to Improve Diet Quality and Nutrition Biomarkers of Concern in the Military

  • Impact of Alcohol on Performance

  • The Esports Industry and its Global Future

  • Body Composition Testing and Metabolism: Assessment of Athletes

  • HMB: What does the evidence say for Athletic Performance?

Symposium 4.0 Sessions

  • Evaluating Biomarkers for Health and Performance

  • Nutritional Considerations for the Female Athlete

  • Evidence Based Supplements in Sports Nutrition

  • Eating Disorders in Male Athletes

  • Nutrition's Impact on Thyroid Function & Athletes

  • Versatility of Nitrates for Health and Performance

  • Energy Balance on Body Composition in Athletes

  • Low Calorie Sweeteners' Impact on Weight and Hunger

  • Ketogenic Diets for Body Composition and Performance

Symposium 3.0 Sessions

  • Exercise Induced Muscle Damage: Etiology and Nutritional Strategies to Consider

  • Dietary Supplement Adulteration and 3rd Party Certification Testing

  • Mindset and Fueling 

  • Nutrition and Nutrient Recommendations for Maximize Body Composition and Metabolism

  • Protein Metabolism and Recommendations for Athletes

  • Probiotics and Athletes: What the Practitioner Should Know

  • The Versatility of Creatine for Optimal Health and Athletic Performance

  • Food Insecurity in Collegiate Athletes

  • Meal Planning for Athletes: How to Overcome the Monotony and Scale Your Efforts

Symposium 2.0 Sessions

  • The Athlete's Gut - Overcoming Stomach Distress

  • Nutrition for the Injured Athlete

  • Making Weight by the Best Means Necessary

  • Ketogenic Diets

  • Use of Omega 3 for Brain Health and Concussion

  • Dietary and Nutritional Supplementation to Enhance the Effects of Resistance Training

  • Nutritional Needs for the Female Athlete

  • Nutrition Periodization for Football

  • Why Athletes Can't Gain Weight and How to Fix It

Symposium 1.0 Sessions

  • Becoming Confident and Competent in Sports Nutrition

  • Fluid and Electrolyte Replacement for Athletic Performance

  • Sleep and Sports   

  • Heat Mitigation Strategies: Hydration and Sweat Electrolyte Concentration

  • Nutrigenomics in Exercise & Sport

  • The Omega 3 Blood Test: Implications for Health and Performance

  • Vitamin D and Human Performance

  • Metabolic Efficiency Training for Athletes

  • Supplements vs Foods

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